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WisdomWinds aims at promoting Buddhism around the world through Buddha teachings and  philosophies  and bringing enlightenment in everybody’s life. We take out people on tours to various Buddhist pilgrimage sites and getting them whatever is needed to enhance their knowledge and pursue peace in the cluttered world. “Sharing Buddhism” is what we believe in and stand by!

With bringing about peace and tranquility in the world, Lord Buddha is known for his non-violent ways and teachings about life and death. Born as Prince Siddhartha, Lord Buddha renounced his kingly life at the age of 29 and went on a spiritual quest to find answers to the questions about the existence of life.

It was only in his deep meditation that Lord Buddha understood the meaning of life and death and the circle that never ends. He understood the laws of Karma and that everything exists for a reason. All the planets and stars have a meaning. This is true for the smallest of atoms. When Lord Buddha finally awakened from his meditation, he felt peaceful and had a bright aura about himself.

Lord Buddha is known to spread his teachings all across the world and still has his followers who look for deeper meaning of life. It is only to spread those teachings that, we, at Wisdom Winds, are here. We are a team of passionate people who want to create a platform through which everybody can share and understand Buddha’s teachings. We will be organizing walks and tours, where people can understand Buddhism. We would be creating a platform where books and reading material of Buddhism is easily accessible. The message of peace should be understood by all to overcome our suffering.

Today, people have become so busy with the worldly things that they are not able to find the answer to what they are really doing. We, at Wisdom Winds, want people to understand the real meaning of their life and clean the clutter. Many Buddhist monasteries in India and Nepal still follow and teach Lord Buddha’s teachings and lead a simpler life. We want to inspire people through these visits and make them aware what Buddhism is all about.